2020 Tesla Model Y

Tesla hasn’t even put the model 3 into production quite yet, and it’s currently working to generate hype around the Model Y– the car that will complete the S3XY lineup. Up until now there have been very few information revolving around the mysterious model, however just recently more has come to light, consisting of the teaser image that was simply released at Tesla’s 2017 annual shareholder conference. Initially slated to be underpinned by the same platform utilized for the upcoming Model 3, it is now being stated that the Model Y will get its own brand-new platform that ought to be ready for production by the end of the decade. Just like the Model 3 is to the Model S, the Model Y should be a smaller sized and more basic option the Model X, offering up Tesla’s well known AutoPilot, but without all the other niceties discovered in the brand’s more costly models.

New 2020 Tesla Model Y Look   Photo

So, the plan is for the Model Y to go on sale for the 2019 model year, however as the story normally discusses at Tesla, 2019 will likely be the pre-order duration with shipments happening by 2020 at the earliest. The 2020 Tesla Model Y would take on models like the BMW i3 and Mercedes B-Class, among others. We should hear more about the Model Y when the Tesla Semi-Truck debuts in September. So, with that stated, let’s take a much better look at the rendering we created and hypothesize a little on what we can anticipate from the 2020 Tesla Model Y.

2020 Tesla Model Y Exterior

Being constructed on a new platform pretty much opens the door for options as far as style goes, so it’s rather most likely that we’ll get to see a new fascia design and new exterior lighting designs. Word has it that it will have the same Falcon doors like those found in the Model X and, if this teaser is any indicator, Musk is hoping that profile cams will be authorized by the time this thing goes into production. That’s right; this thing is void of any profile mirrors. It’s currently happening in some markets, so it’s not exactly out of the concern when this thing makes its debut in the next few years.

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2020 Tesla Model Y Interior

At this moment, the interior is a secret. In the past, we hypothesized that the Model Y would be based upon the Model X as far as interior design goes, however this is a compact model and will likely be on the more economical side like the Model 3. As such, it will likely lack the bells and whistles discovered in cars like the Model S and Model X. The interior will likely be rather bare as we’ve seen in Model 3 spy shots and prototypes, with the primary, tablet-like screen, being used as not just the control center for whatever but the instrument cluster too. This also suggests the 2020 Tesla Model Y will also have a dull interior, to an extent with great deals of flat spaces and plastic trim. Standard features will likely include a Wi-Fi hotspot, AutoPilot, and powered windows and seats. If the DOT happens to approve profile cams as opposed to profile mirrors, a little display screen might be integrated into the corners of the dash. For now, however, this is all speculation, so take it with a grain of salt and a shot of whiskey.

2020 Tesla Model Y Engine

As far as performance is worried, it’s rather likely that the base model will come standard with rear-wheel drive, while all-wheel drive will be an alternative. As far as the battery itself goes, Tesla has actually gradually phased out its smaller batteries, leaving its present lineup readily available with a 75 kWh, 90 kWh, or 100 kWh battery pack. This is slated to be a more budget friendly model, so the 75 kWh battery pack appears to be what the medical professional will purchase when the time comes, however given that the 2020 Tesla Model Y will feature an all-new platform, that’s truly up in the air too. We anticipate it to have approximately the exact same range as the Model 3 in its standard type at 215 miles, but after launch, bigger batteries using more range could be offered if it doesn’t make it too expensive to be competitive. Anticipate a 0-to-60 mph time around six seconds or two, while top speed will be somewhere around 130 mph.

Best 2020 Tesla Model Y     Picture

2020 Tesla Model Y Release Date and Price

Pricing for 2020 Tesla Model Y is an actually huge deal, as it needs to fall into the economical category just like the Model 3. With the Model 3 priced at $35,000, and this being an SUV, expect it to begin around $40,000 or so. With the option of bigger battery crams in the future or possible technology alternatives, pricing might even go as high as $55,000 for a fully-specced model with more than 215 miles worth of range. The plan is for the Model Y to go on sale for the 2019 model year, however as the story usually discusses at Tesla, 2019 will likely be the pre-order period with deliveries happening by 2020 at the earliest.

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