2021 Dacia Dokker

A new generation of the Romanian LCV is prepared for 2020. Are you the one awaiting this car to get here? Read the complete information from us below, and this is all we understand so far.

  2021 Dacia Dokker Side HD Images

Last month, we revealed you the first spy photos depicting a development model of the next-generation Renault Kangoo. A few readers then mentioned that the test car looked a lot like a Dacia Dokker, the Kangoo’s more affordable option from Romania. It turns out the two will undoubtedly share a nearly identical body for their next iterations as these new spy images verify.

2021 Dacia Dokker Design

What you see here is a Dokker trial car with a full-body attire. Regardless of the heavy camouflage, we can tell the car certainly has a lot in typical with the Kangoo prototype from June. That’s specifically noticeable at the back where the only distinction in between the 2 seems the taillights. The general body shape and even the size and kind of the side mirrors seem definitely similar.

New 2021 Dacia Dokker Rear HD Photos

However, not everything is the same. If you take a closer look at the picture, you’ll notice this model has four lug nuts while the Kangoo included a five-bolt configuration for the wheels. This most likely implies there are some differences below the skin however we can’t tell what the exact services are.

Something we know for sure is that this is a prototype powered by an internal combustion engine. Whereas the Kangoo test car didn’t have a visible exhaust pipeline, this camouflaged Dokker has a weirdly-sized pipe under the rear bumper.

New 2021 Dacia Dokker Side   Image

2021 Dacia Dokker Engine

As far as we can inform at the moment, the Dokker will continue to be used with a 1.5-liter dCi diesel motor in a number of outputs when it’s introduced on the marketplace sometime in 2020. Whether Renault would also provide it an all-electric powertrain remains uncertain at the moment but opportunities seem to be low provided the model’s economical price.

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