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Back in the late ’90s, Apple launched the iMac G3– a colorful, simple-to-use desktop computer targeted at getting folks onto the Internet as rapidly and easily as possible. The iMac G3 conserved Apple from financial destroy, and set the stage for such ridiculously successful products as the iPad and iPhone. Now, 20 years later on, a report has it Apple is seeking to use the ‘ole i-gloss to the automobile market. Nothing official has actually surfaced as of yet, however there’s a growing body of proof that recommends Apple is constructing an all-electric car with sophisticated autonomous capabilities.

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It’s an amazing possibility. A product like that has the prospective to be a real game-changer, particularly originating from a company like Apple. Simply like the initial i-devices, an Apple iCar might effectively set the requirement by which all other rivals are evaluated. Either that, or it could come a cropper. Or maybe it’ll never ever pertain to market at all.

Regardless, the story behind the theoretical Apple iCar is fragmented and jumbled, a mishmash of corporate competitions, secret research study centers, and potentially world-changing technology. However fear not, intrepid reader, because we browsed high and low to make sense of everything, getting all the rumors, leakages, and premium renderings the web could summon before assembling the following speculative review.

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Apple is understood for exploring a variety of items in the search for “the next huge thing,” even going so far regarding establishing innovative models just to see how they work. After the release and subsequent success of the iPhone back in the late 2000’s, the tech giant began poking around for other chances, including those beyond the next-gen gadgets that we see produced every 14 months approximately.

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Obviously, that search included automobiles. In a post released in 2013, The New York Times reported that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs “would have liked to take on Detroit with an Apple car,” a sentiment backed by Apple board of directors member Mickey Drexler in an interview with Fast Company. “Look at the car market; it’s a disaster in America. Who is creating cars? Steve’s dream before he died was to develop an iCar,” Drexler stated.

Further proof can be found in the testament of Phil Schiller, senior VP of item marketing, in the Apple v. Samsung trial of 2012, in which he said Apple thought about making “a cam, [making] a car, crazy stuff,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

What’s more, Steve Jobs obviously met the head of V-Vehicle in 2010 to have a look at the upstart car company’s inexpensive prototype and discuss materials and style, according to The Guardian.

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Clearly, then, Apple has had an interest in developing a car for rather a long time. The question is– just how far has the company taken that interest?