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2019 Jaguar I-Pace

Best 2019 Jaguar IPace Front High Resolution Pictures

If you’re interested in high-end electric cars, get ready to add another non-Tesla brand to the list: Jaguar. The automaker has unveiled the all-new I-Pace, an electrical SUV– or hatchback, offered its low-slung appearance. 2019 Jaguar I-Pace Release Date...

2020 Tesla Pickup

Best 2020 Tesla Pickup Look   Wallpaper

It was back in January of 2016 that Elon Musk admitted in an on-camera interview that Tesla is “rather likely” to build a truck in the future. Pressed for an explanation, the CEO simply remarked, “it’s sort of a...

2019 Audi A3 Coupe

New 2019 Audi A3 Coupe Top   Photo

The Audi A3 is already used as a three-door hatchback, a five-door Sportback, a compact Saloon and a Convertible but, from 2019, it’ll also be available as a stylish four-door coupe. Audi hopes this brand-new model will drive purchasers...