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Morocco's devastating earthquake unites the world in compassion and solidarity.

Nations Stand with Morocco

International Outpouring of Support

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The African Union grieves with Morocco, offering heartfelt condolences to the king and people.

Moussa Faki Mahamat's Condolences

African Union's Deep Pain

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China mourns Morocco's loss, expressing deep grief and solidarity with King Mohammed VI.

President Xi Jinping's Message

China's Sympathy for Morocco

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The EU's emergency response center is prepared to aid Morocco during this crisis.

Monitoring and Support

European Union Stands Ready

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France extends its hand, ready to provide essential aid and medical support to Morocco.

President Macron's Pledge

France's Compassion & Aid

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Germany mourns with Morocco, offering heartfelt condolences and support.

Foreign Minister Baerbock's Condolences

Germany Shares Sorrow

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India offers condolences and assistance, standing with Morocco during this difficult time.

Prime Minister Modi's Condolences

India's Message of Support

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The IFRC is poised to help Morocco with emergency response units within 24 to 48 hours.

Tommaso Della Longa Speaks

International Red Cross Ready to Deploy

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Israel readies a rescue team to assist Morocco, coordinating efforts for earthquake victims.

Government's Rescue Team

Israel Prepares for Assistance

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Qatar expresses sincere condolences and readiness to provide all necessary assistance.

Emir Sheikh Tamim's Sympathy

Qatar's Support and Condolences

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Russia extends sympathy to Morocco, conveying support for the families affected.

President Putin's Message

Russia Shares Sorrow

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Spain stands with Morocco, offering solidarity and condolences to earthquake victims.

Prime Minister Sanchez's Condolences

Spain's Solidarity

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Taiwan has a team of 120 rescuers standing by to assist Morocco as needed.

Fire Department Ready to Help

Taiwan's Rapid Response Team

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Turkey stands firmly by Morocco's side during this challenging time, ready to provide aid.

President Erdogan's Message

Turkey's Supportive Gesture

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UAE offers condolences and wishes for a speedy recovery for all those affected in Morocco.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Message

United Arab Emirates Expresses Condolences

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The UN stands prepared to assist Morocco's government in its efforts to aid those affected.

UN Stands with Morocco

United Nations Ready to Assist

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The US extends heartfelt sympathy and readiness to provide essential assistance to Morocco.

President Biden's Condolences

United States Offers Support

In the face of Morocco's earthquake tragedy, nations unite, offering hope and strength for recovery.

Hope Arises from Solidarity

A Global Community United

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