The Dex Cool Coolant: 15 Tips for Car Enthusiasts Now!

When it comes to engine cooling, Dex Cool coolant has gained popularity for its unique properties and compatibility with certain vehicles. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of Dex Cool coolant, exploring its purpose, benefits, and application. Whether you’re an auto enthusiast or a curious driver, this article will provide you with valuable information and answer your most pressing questions about Dex-Cool coolant.

The 15 Tips About Dex Cool Coolant

1. What Is Dex-Cool Coolant?

Dex Cool Coolant, also known as DEX-COOL® or DEXCOOL®, is an extended life antifreeze coolant formulated exclusively by General Motors (GM). It is designed to offer superior protection and long-lasting performance for modern engine cooling systems. Dex Cool coolant contains organic acids and inhibitors, which provide superior protection against corrosion and cavitation, helping to maintain cooling system integrity.

2. Which Vehicles Use Dex-Cool?

Dex Cool coolant is commonly used in a variety of General Motors vehicles, including Chevrolet, GMC, Buick and Cadillac models. It is essential to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to confirm if Dex-Cool is recommended for your specific make and model. It is important to use the correct coolant for your vehicle to ensure optimum cooling system performance and life.

3. Is Dex-Cool Necessary?

While Dex Cool coolant is not required for all vehicles, it is recommended for those equipped with cooling systems designed to run on this type of coolant. Using the proper coolant ensures optimal performance and engine longevity. If your vehicle manufacturer recommends Dex Cool coolant, it is recommended that you follow their instructions to maintain the integrity of the cooling system.

4. How Long Does Dex-Cool Last?

Dex Cool coolant is known for its long life properties. Under normal conditions and with proper maintenance, it can last up to five years or 150,000 miles before replacement is necessary. However, the useful life of Dex Cool coolant can vary based on factors such as driving conditions, maintenance practices, and weather. Monitor the level and condition of the coolant regularly and replace it according to your vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

5. What Color Is Dex-Cool Coolant?

Dex Cool coolant is usually orange or reddish-orange in color. Its distinctive color helps to easily identify and differentiate it from other types of refrigerant. The vibrant color also serves as a visual indicator of coolant condition and contamination level, allowing you to spot potential problems early.

6. What Is the 50 50 Mixture of Dex-Cool?

A 50/50 mix of Dex Cool coolant refers to a pre-mixed coolant solution containing a concentration of 50% Dex-Cool and 50% distilled water. This ready-to-use mix is available in stores and is convenient for boosting your vehicle’s cooling system. Using a 50/50 mix ensures that the coolant is properly diluted, providing adequate protection against freezing and spilling.

7. Is Dex-Cool for Diesel Engines?

Dex Cool coolant is primarily designed for use in gasoline engines. It is not recommended for diesel engines, as diesel engines require different types of coolant with specific additives. Using Dex Cool coolant in a diesel engine can cause compatibility issues and possible damage to the cooling system.

8. What Is Dex-Cool Coolant Made Of?

Dex Cool Coolant is formulated with Organic Acid Technology (OAT). This technology uses organic acids, inhibitors and ethylene glycol to provide superior protection against corrosion and cavitation. OAT-based coolants are known for their long life and compatibility with various engine materials.

9. What Is the Mix Ratio for Dex-Cool?

The Dex Cool coolant mix ratio depends on whether you are using concentrated Dex-Cool or a 50/50 pre-mixed solution. If Dex-Cool concentrate is used, the recommended mix ratio is typically 1 part coolant to 1 part distilled water. It is necessary to use the correct mixing ratio to maintain the antifreeze and evaporative properties of the coolant.

10. What Coolant Is Compatible with Dex-Cool?

Dex Cool coolant is best used with other Dex-Cool compatible coolants. Mixing it with other types of coolant can compromise its performance and lead to potential cooling system problems. When recharging coolant or performing maintenance, always use a coolant that meets the Dex-Cool specifications recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

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11. Is It OK to Mix Dex-Cool with Regular Coolant?

Mixing Dex-Cool with regular coolants or other types of antifreeze is not recommended. Mixing different types of coolant can cause adverse chemical reactions, leading to problems in the cooling system. To ensure the best performance and protection for your engine, use only Dex Cool coolant or coolants that meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

12. Is All Dex-Cool the Same?

While Dex Cool Coolant is formulated to meet specific standards, there may be slight variations between different brands or manufacturers. When purchasing Dex Cool coolant, always choose genuine products that are GM-approved or recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. This ensures that you are using the correct coolant formulated for your vehicle’s cooling system.

13. Why Do GM Cars Use Dexcool?

General Motors (GM) chose to use Dex Cool coolant in its vehicles due to its long life properties and superior protection against corrosion and cavitation. Dex-Cool’s Organic Acid Technology (OAT) ensures that the cooling system remains in excellent condition for an extended period, reducing the need for frequent coolant replacements. It also offers compatibility with various engine materials, making it an ideal choice for GM cars.

14. Is Dex-Cool the Only Orange Coolant?

While Dex Cool coolant is commonly associated with its distinctive orange or reddish-orange color, it’s not the only coolant available in this shade. Other coolants may also be orange or similar in color, but it’s crucial to check the product label or check with the manufacturer to make sure you’re using the right coolant for your vehicle.

15. Does Dex-Cool Turn Pink?

Over time, Dex Cool coolant can change color due to factors such as weather, contamination, or chemical reactions within the cooling system. Dex Cool coolant may turn pink or a lighter shade of orange as it ages. If you notice a significant color change, it may indicate a need to flush and replace the coolant to maintain coolant effectiveness.


Dex Cool coolant is an excellent choice for specific vehicles, providing long-lasting performance and superior cooling system protection. Its unique properties, compatibility with GM cars, and long-lasting benefits make it a popular choice among drivers. As with any coolant, it is critical to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and perform regular maintenance to ensure optimum engine performance and cooling system longevity. By understanding the qualities of Dex Cool coolant and using it correctly, you can enjoy a worry-free and smooth driving experience.

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