Kink BMX Bikes: Decades of Innovation & 14 Ultimate Bikes Now!

As we dive into the exciting world of Kink BMX Bikes get your adrenaline pumping and get ready for a wild ride. Born out of a passion to push the limits and fueled by a dedication to excellence, Kink BMX Bikes have carved a niche for themselves on the BMX landscape, offering riders an unrivaled experience on two wheels. In this comprehensive review, we’ll uncover the interesting history of Kink BMX Bikes, exploring its beginnings, ownership, manufacturing, standout features, and the reasons why it beat the competition.

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All About Kink BMX Bikes

The Birth of Kink BMX – Who Owns Kink BMX Bikes ?

In 1994 Aaron Benke founded Kink BMX Bikes. He envisioned a brand that would put the rider experience first and celebrate the essence of BMX culture. Kink BMX was founded with a commitment to building bikes that could push the demands of riders beyond their limits.

Aaron’s dedication to his craft and to the BMX community is what catapulted Kink BMX Bikes to fame. The brand quickly gained recognition for its innovative design, durability, and rider-focused approach. Kink BMX bikes became synonymous with quality and performance, ushering in a new era in BMX riding.

PRECISION BUILT – Where are Kink BMX bikes made?

Kink BMX Bikes take pride in its manufacturing process, which features meticulous attention to detail. Kink BMX is headquartered in Rochester, New York, where its products are born from a combination of innovation, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology. All Kink BMX bikes are a testament to the brand’s dedication to excellence, ensuring riders get a top-notch, reliable ride every time.

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The Kink BMX Bikes Difference – Is Kink BMX Good ?

What sets Kink BMX Bikes apart from the competition? This is a question that can be answered through a number of factors. First and foremost, Kink BMX bikes are carefully engineered to deliver superior performance while striking the right balance between agility, durability, and control. These bikes are built to handle the rigorous demands of BMX riding, whether you’re racing the streets or conquering challenging terrain.

One of the standout features is the brand’s commitment to producing a wide variety of models suitable for all levels of riders. From entry-level options designed for beginners to high-performance beasts for pro riders, Kink BMX has a bike for everyone.

Kink BMX Bikes Line – Models and Prices?

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of Kink BMX Bikes lineup? Let’s take a closer look at some of their featured models, each designed to suit specific driving styles and preferences. From entry-level options to high-performance marvels, Kink BMX Bikes has a bike for every rider.

kink bmx bikes
kink bmx
kink bmx bike

1. Kink Whip

The Kink Whip is an ideal starting point for riders exploring the world of BMX. With a strong hi-ten steel frame, these Kink BMX bikes strike a balance between durability and manoeuvrability. The 20.5-inch top tube offers ample room for tricks and stunts. Equipped with a 3-piece chromoly crank, sealed center bottom bracket, and Mission Function cassette rear hub, the Whip is ready to handle your riding journey.

Price: Starting at $300.

2. Kink Gap

The Kink Gap is a versatile option that is suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. Its seamless 100% Hi-Ten steel frame provides strength and durability, while the 20.5-inch top tube accommodates a variety of riding styles. The Gap features a Mission Triumph 3-piece chromoly crankset and a Mission Function cassette rear hub for reliable performance.

Price: Starting at $350.

3. Kink Liberty

Step up your game with the Kink Liberty model. Designed for riders looking for a more responsive and agile ride, the Liberty features a 100% Hi-Ten steel frame with modern geometry. It’s fitted with a Mission Triumph 3-piece chromoly crankset and a Mission Deploy sealed rear hub, ensuring a smooth and precise riding experience.

Price: Starting at $450.

4. Kink Curb

The Kink Curb is a great entry-level bike designed to introduce new riders to the world of BMX. Its compact 18-inch top tube and strong Hi-Ten steel frame provide a comfortable platform for learning tricks and mastering control. Mission Triumph 3-piece chromoly cranks and Mission Seas rear wheel hubs complete this beginner-friendly package.

Price: Starting at $250.

5. Kink Launch

For riders ready to plunge into BMX adventures, the Kink Launch provides a solid platform. With a 100% Hi-Ten steel frame, 20.25-inch top tube and Mission Triumph 3-piece chromoly cranks, the Launch delivers durability and performance. Mission Function cassette rear hub ensures smooth pedaling and controlled landing.

Price: Starting at $330.

6. Kink Williams

Designed in collaboration with professional cyclist Nathan Williams, the Kink Williams is a performance beast built to conquer challenges. Its frame is constructed with 100% Sanco 4130 chromoly tubing, providing a combination of strength and weight savings. The 20.5-inch top tube and modern geometry improve handling, while the Kink Ace Tables grips and Cinema CK pedals add style and control.

Price: Starting at $600.

7. Kink Solace

The Kink Solace are a top-of-the-line offering for riders looking for a pro-level BMX experience. With a 100% Sanco 4130 chromoly frame, integrated head tube and modern geometry, the Solace is built for precision and performance. The 20.75-inch top tube provides a stable platform, and the Kink Bedlam sprocket and Mission Deploy sealed rear hub ensure smooth power transfer.

Price: Starting at $800.

8. Kink Drifter

Embrace cruising style with the Kink Drifter, a 26-inch Kink BMX bike that offers a unique blend of BMX and cruising characteristics. Its 100% chrome 4130 frame and fork provide the durability needed for a variety of riding conditions. 27 tooth Kink Bedlam sprockets and Mission Despatch sealed front hubs complete the package for this cruiser.

Price: Starting at $400.

9. Kink Cloud

The Kink Cloud takes street riding to the next level. With a 100% Sanco 4130 chrome frame, 20.75-inch top tube and modern street geometry, the Cloud is ready for technical tricks and urban exploration. The chrome Kink Taurus 2-piece handlebar and Kink Ace table grips provide control and comfort.

Price: Starting at $700.

10. Kink Crook

Designed for riders operating on a combination of rails and ledges, the Kink Crook provides the perfect mix of strength and agility. Its 100% Sanco 4130 chromoly frame and fork stand up to the demands of street riding, while Mission Despatch sealed front hubs and Kink Ridge 3-piece chromoly cranks ensure consistent performance.

Price: Starting at $600.

11. Kink Whip XL

The Kink Whip XL is an extended version of the Whip model, ideal for longer rides. With a 21-inch top tube and 100% Hi-Ten steel frame, the Whip XL offers a comfortable and balanced ride. The Mission Triumph 3-piece chromoly crank and Mission Deploy sealed rear hub ensure reliable performance for riders of varying heights.

Price: Starting at $330.

12. Kink SXTN

Designed in collaboration with professional cyclist Sean Sexton, the Kink SXTN model is built for the streets. Its 100% Sanco 4130 chromoly frame and fork are ready for the grind, the gap, and urban moves. The 20.75-inch top tube and chrome Kink Taurus 2-piece handlebar allow for control and maneuverability.

Price: Starting at $600.

13. Kink Titan

Conquer ramps and parks with the Kink Titan, a Kink BMX bike designed for park rides and transitions. With a 100% Sanco 4130 chromoly frame, 21-inch top tube, and modern geometry, the Titan delivers stability and style. Kink Trident forks and 9-inch Kink Grizzly handlebar complete the setup.

Price: Starting at $700.

14. Kink Curb 20th Anniversary Edition

Celebrate with the special Kink Curb 20th Anniversary Edition, a bike that pays homage to the Kink BMX heritage. With retro design and modern components, this model reflects the evolution of the brand over two decades. The Kink Curb 20th Anniversary Edition is a true collector’s item.

Price: Starting at $300.

As you explore Kink BMX’s diverse lineup, keep in mind that prices may vary based on additional features, components, and retailer offerings. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the Kink BMX bikes are designed to enhance your riding experience.


Kink BMX Bikes are a powerhouse in the world of BMX, providing riders of all levels with the tools, innovation and support they need to excel in this exciting sport. With a rich history, commitment to quality and a strong sense of community, Kink BMX has carved a niche for itself as a respected and influential name in the BMX industry. If you are an experienced cyclist

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